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HSC E=mc2 by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC E=mc2



One fine June day short, scrawny, nerdy Patricia became aware that her chest was no longer perfectly flat.  To her embarrassment; Patricia’s equally short, scrawny, and nerdy best friend Seymour noticed, too.

But Patricia was realistic and was not expecting much more since all of the women in her family were flat-chested. 

However, Patricia’s little breasts continued to blossom over the next couple of weeks and soon she noticed that her T-shirts were getting a bit “bumpy”.  She also noticed that she did not have to stand on tip-toe to reach some things.  Patricia was pleased and grateful but, nevertheless, was not expecting any additional improvement to her still petite and minimal figure.

But, Patricia continued to grow.  After only a few more weeks her steadily burgeoning breasts began to distort those same T-shirts: and, Patricia became cautiously hopeful that she might actually develop a bit of a figure.  It was about this time, too, that Patricia and Seymour noticed that he only came up to Patricia’s nose.

And, Patricia continued to sprout.  By the time Patricia returned to school she noticed that her bust was at least the same size as the busts of some of the girls that had called her “Flatty Patty” as recently as last spring.  Patricia liked that she was no longer teased.  She felt “normal” and content: having caught-up to her classmates’ in height and development.  She thought that she would be perfectly happy if her unexpected and generous growth spurt had stopped right here.

But it did not.  That first week back she also noticed that Seymour and the other guys in her Science Club started acting a bit flustered around her.  Patricia also began to notice that the guys sometimes were staring at her. 

And, she continued to grow even bigger.  Soon Patricia noticed that her height and ballooning breasts were rivaling and surpassing those of most of the upper-class girls.  It was at this point that Patricia began to notice that even non-nerdy guys would stare at her. 

Patricia began to fully appreciate and take advantage of the big changes that her unexpected and impressive four-month surge in hormones had provided to her, and, was obviously still providing.  For the first time in her life she began to pay attention to what she wore.  Since her parents were now buying her clothes on an almost weekly basis to keep up with her growth; she began to dress to flatter her long, shapely legs, perfect butt, and major-league bust.

And, Patricia grew even more.  Before long Patricia’s formerly bee-sting breasts had eclipsed those of even the most buxom cheerleader.  Judging by the attention that she was now receiving from guys that she had never seen before; word had obviously spread throughout the school and town that nerdy, little, Flatty-Patty was blossoming into a leggy, top-heavy hottie.   Patricia would now sometimes refer to herself as “Patty” as a private joke in reference to her former days as “Flatty Patty”.

And, she continued to grow.  Soon Patty never found herself without at least one male attendant at her side (and command) at school: or anywhere else for that matter.  She was receiving almost constant attention from guys.  She never wanted for transportation or for someone to carry her books or to buy her lunch or to ask her out. 

Patty was amazed and amused whenever she stopped to consider the huge changes that had occurred to her social life since last spring: merely because of the impressive transformation of her body.  Guys were distracted and mesmerized by it wherever she went.  She had watched more than one guy walk into a wall or a street lamp because they had been staring at her legs or her butt or her bust.  Patty actually giggled out-loud one day in class when she noticed that when she had arched her back and stretched her arms up, over her head as part of a yawn -- all of the guys, including the teacher, froze as they stared open-mouthed at Patty’s cartoonishly deformed shirt as it strained to contain her monstrous, bloated orbs.

Despite everything, Patty was still primarily interested in the attention of her best friend, Seymour.  Still short, scrawny, and nerdy; Seymour had become a bit withdrawn as Patty grew and her breasts and popularity continued to expand ever larger. 

Today Patricia had invited Seymour to her house to study.  She missed Seymour.  At about six-feet tall; Patty was now more than head-and-shoulders taller than Seymour.  She planned to make her real intentions for inviting Seymour to her room crystal clear.  First, before he arrived, she squashed herself into the E=mc2 T-shirt that Seymour had given to her for her birthday a few months ago.  Then, as soon as Seymour entered her room, she would embrace his face straight-ahead into her warm, firm, gravity-defying, head-sized breasts until he would agree to go on a real date with her.

HSC ClipBoard01 by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC ClipBoard01

Chikako was becoming a bit impatient.

"Now, please, sir, if you do not focus on the questions and do not stop stuttering; we will never get through this."

She was addressing the latest in what seemed like an endless line of agog male clients today.

It had never been like this before.  
Chikako had worked weekends as a mall Opinion Taker for over a year now. 
Invariably little Chikako would have to struggle to get any of the guys in the mall to take even a moment to answer her list of questions.

That is until yesterday when her lab partner tripped and accidentally toppled and spilled half of the chemistry department's cupboard onto her.

Within moments of the accident; Chikako had started to grow.
At first her growth was subtle and she did not even really notice anything until her well-worn shoes started to pinch her feet during her walk home from school.
However, by morning the diminutive, underdeveloped, nerdette had grown into a six-foot, overdeveloped babe.
HSC Pose by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC Pose


Recently Kimberly had taken to amusing herself with quick, sweater-stretching poses during boring classes -- just to see who would give her the best double-take or jaw-dropping stare.
Of course it had only been a recent development that Kimberly was able to stretch any of her school sweaters at all.

It was three months ago that Kimberly's nerdy friend and classmate, Walter, had begun to surreptitiously spike her daily lunch drink with his homemade growth hormone.
Since Walter's secret experiment began; twiggy little Kimberly has suddenly and rapidly grown from being the shortest, skinniest, nerdy-est, shiest, and most undeveloped girl in school to the cutest, tallest, and most overdeveloped girl in the district.


Parenthetically, but not coincidentally, Walter had asked Kimberly to the school’s Fall Ball the day before he covertly began treating her: she had breathlessly agreed to go with him.  The two have been close friends for years but neither had ever before had the courage to ask the other on a date. 


The other guys immediately started to tease Walter that Walter was stuck with the lowest girl on the school social totem pole as a dance partner.


Needless to say, that attitude has changed as the other guys have become increasingly jealous of Walter over the past many weeks while they have witnessed Kimberly’s impressive metamorphosis.  And, despite Kimberly’s growing popularity and newfound attention from all of the other guys; she has remained loyal to Walter.


Despite all that, however, today Walter decided that he will stop providing Kimberly with his hormone.


The reason is that, this morning, Walter’s calculations predicted that Kimberly’s growth rate has her right on target so that her new, huge, perky breasts will be at just the precise height and size to perfectly snuggle Walter’s head next Friday while they are out on the Fall Ball dance floor.

HSC Three Months by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC Three Months



I had been three months since the last Science Fair. 

That was when Richard and Wendy had last seen each other.

Richard had won that July Fair but Wendy had promised that her idea for the October Fair would be much more impressive.

Today, three months later, seeing Wendy as a 6’ 3”, busty babe harkened Richard back to what she had looked like in July when she was telling him about her idea to create a growth formula.


Interested in commissioning customized artwork?
See Zanfadar's DA page --
Just click on the yellow "send a note" button.

HSC Tight Fit by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC Tight Fit


The formerly "Little" Laurie Spencer was not sure that squeezing into her Dad's largest turtleneck was a good idea. 

As Laurie tugged and pulled at the material over the course of several minutes and became aware of the fabric gradually over-stretching to accommodate her newest size and over-developed figure; it had become obvious that her Dad would never be able to wear it again -- at least not in public.
But, given the results of this latest growth spurt -- the latest in a gaggle of growth spurts over the past month -- Laurie knew that she did not have many other options.

It seems that Laurie may have been exposed to something during her month at summer camp. 
At least that was what her family’s physician posited after chronicling his formerly short, undeveloped patient rapidly sprout from a skinny, undeveloped, 4' 6" shrimp into a very busty, athletically-muscled, leggy, 6' 3" Babe-us maximus.
And, that was two growth spurts ago!

Since the first episode unexpectedly occurred during her final week at camp; Laurie's spurts have been sporadic.
They have been as unpredictable as they have been remarkable.
Sometimes they occur while she is sleeping and sometimes while she is awake.

At first sweet little Laurie was alarmed by what was happening to her. 
But after she experienced a number of these episodes, she learned to relax and enjoy the heady sensation of growth -- despite any likely embarrassment that may result from the potential mayhem that each spurt invariably inflicts upon whatever clothing she happens to be wearing at the time.
Shy, nerdy Laurie has also learned to appreciate the results and benefits that each spurt has bestowed upon her once pixyish frame.

The onset and results of each incidence has been a surprise for Laurie: especially the first one.
And, each has been atypical in that her body and its parts do not usually grow uniformly.
However, each occurrence has stretched her height at least three-inches, swelled her formerly stick-figure muscles noticeably, and ballooned her recently non-existent bust at least a cup-size.

Since the day after Laurie returned from camp, Laurie's "big" brother, Kenneth, has become more than a bit apprehensive about his "little" sister's extraordinary, if not intimidating, developments.

As his little sister continued to grow ever bigger; Kenneth became more and more convinced that it was in his best interest to keep a low profile and stay out of her way.
In contrast, Laurie's big brother's best-friend, Tim, has become all too eager to see to it that he was near Laurie as often as possible.

Tim had never given his best friend's annoying kid-sister, Laurie, any attention prior to her return from that month at summer camp; but since then Tim never seemed to miss an opportunity to talk to her or to stand close to her or to just goggle at her.
Although Laurie had had a long-standing, secret, unrequited crush on Tim; shy, nerdy Laurie was self-conscious, embarrassed, and confused at first by Tim's sudden attention.

After a week or so of his attention Laurie then began to consider Tim's behavior a bit odd; especially when he started to repeatedly offer to measure her or ask her to flex for him or to let him feel her arm.
Laurie also became puzzled by her evolving feelings about Tim’s increasing attention and, especially, his requests.
It was as if Laurie had begun to feel a sort-of-pride: an emotion with which she had very little experience before.
After a further while Laurie began to experience a peculiar thrill: and a sort-of-feeling-of-dominance when she was around Tim.

This phase began the day that Laurie first noticed that she had grown to a height where she could look down on Tim for the first time: and, perhaps more importantly, she had also noticed his agog reaction to having to look up at her.
More specifically, this phase occurred on the Monday morning after a weekend when Laurie and her family were out of town and she had experienced two growth spurts.
Soon after arriving at school that morning Laurie literally bumped into Tim as they rounded the same hallway corner from intersecting directions.
Tim actually stammered as, for the first time ever, he had to look up into Laurie’s big, blue eyes.
If Laurie had not been so thoroughly taken aback herself by the sudden, unexpected revelation of their new relative sizes, she might have actually giggled out loud.
Before she had left for camp, the top of Laurie’s head did not even come up to Tim’s collar bones: but on that memorable Monday morning Tim barely came up to Laurie’s nose.

Today was the first time that Tim had actually witnessed one of Laurie’s button-popping, sleeve-shredding growth spurts.
Laurie, Kenneth, and Tim had just arrived at the Spencer’s after school when they noticed that Laurie had gone quiet and had begun to quiver.

Kenneth immediately melted into the background at the first quiver and watched timidly from a safe distance as his formerly little sister became an even bigger, big sister.
In contrast, Tim was absolutely transfixed as he watched Laurie grow bigger and bigger. 
Tim was so mesmerized that he did not even flinch when one of Laurie’s school uniform blouse buttons surrendered spectacularly to her expanding chest and pinged off of his forehead.

As he cowered; Kenneth had a flashback to the one previous growth episode that he had witnessed: it was actually the one where Laurie overtook Kenneth in size.
Kenneth doubted that he would ever forget that momentous morning.
The two siblings had just started one of their heated, toe-to-toe arguments.
This time it was about hogging the upstairs bathroom.
It was the morning after Laurie had returned home from her month at camp. 
Before she left for camp, the top of skinny, little Laurie’s head almost came up to her big brother’s chin.
Only moments after Laurie’s return from camp Kenneth noticed that he could no longer see over the top of his little sister’s head.
At the time Kenneth thought it odd that his little sister had grown so much in only a month but he also remembered being told by his parents and teachers that girls naturally developed faster and at a younger age than boys.  And, besides, he was still the big brother.

Anyway, during that month that his little sister was at camp, Kenneth had become accustomed to exclusive use of their upstairs bathroom.
Parenthetically, during the last week of that same month at camp Laurie had experienced her first two growth spurts.
Now on this particular morning Kenneth was not at all happy that he had to once again share the bathroom with his notoriously poky little sister.

Just as their Mom had shouted from beyond her closed bedroom door for the two of them to -- “Be quiet!” -- Laurie abruptly – if not portentously -- did just that.
For a moment Kenneth was smugly satisfied as he mistook Laurie’s sudden silence for capitulation.
That is until he noticed that his little sister had begun to quiver.
Kenneth then watched in disbelieving, horrorstruck shock as his “little” sister rapidly stretched and swelled before his eyes and became his “big” sister.

A dumbfounded Kenneth then found himself very slowly looking up until his eyes eventually found the rather ominous grin on his kid sister’s otherwise bemused and down-glancing face.
Apparently the timing, intensity, and degree of this; her third and biggest growth spurt; had left Laurie almost as astonished as Kenneth.

For a long moment time seemed frozen for both as they stood facing each other in that upstairs hallway.
The only sound was that of a final bit of pajama flannel as it capitulated to the superior force of Laurie’s freshly expanded frame, muscles, and bust.
Then, before either sibling could say or do anything else, Kenneth hastily leapt aside and respectfully yielded the bathroom to his kid sister and her, now, ridiculously overmatched pajamas.

In this sketch we see Laurie as she has just about finished squeezing into her Dad’s largest top.
We see that Kenneth is still looking-on from a safe distance.  He is thunderstruck by how big his little sister has now become and is hoping that she will not grow any bigger.
In contrast, we see Tim enthusiastically watch Laurie battle into the too-small turtleneck; he is hoping that he will not have to wait long before she grows again.

Interested in commissioning customized artwork?
See Zanfadar's DA page --
Just click on the yellow "send a note" button.




Hunter S. Creek
United States


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