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Maybe A Little Bit1 by Hunter-S-Creek
Maybe A Little Bit1

"Maybe A Little Bit"


Jen had not expected to see her old boss, Dr. Stephens, on her way to the beach.  And, she felt embarrassed and remorseful as soon as she saw the look on his face.  She could tell that he had immediately figured-out what Jen had done.  After all; she was now eye-to-eye with the six-foot professor.


Jen had quit her job as Professor Stephens’ lab assistant last month.  She had told him that she had to quit because her class schedule was becoming too time-consuming.  Not coincidentally her resignation came a few days after she had very convincingly told him that she had accidentally dropped the entire flask of his latest batch of his new growth formula.  He told her that he hated to see her leave and that he would welcome her back if she changed her mind.

In point of fact; short, undeveloped Jen had fabricated the accident and had instead kept the flask of formula for herself. 


And, so Jen began dosing herself on a daily basis. 

And, so slowly but surely Jen not only began to grow taller; but she also finally started to develop.   Before long the 4’ 8”, flat-chested, scrawny girl had reached her goal of becoming average.  She had originally hoped to become tall enough and curvy enough to no longer be picked-on by her schoolmates. 

But at that point Jen also noticed that she had only used about half of the stolen flask of formula.  It had only taken half of the flask to become average-sized.  She considered what to do with the other half.

It then did not take Jen long to convince herself that it wouldn’t hurt to change her original goal and to become a bit taller than average and a bit bustier than average.  “After all” she reasoned “I should be allowed to make up for all that time that I was soooo below average”.

And, so Jen continued to dose and grow, and dose and grow.


Here we see Jen looking straight ahead as she stands eye-to-eye with her old boss and feeling terribly guilty that she had lied to him and had stolen from him. 


Jen did not know what to say or do as the young and handsome but venerable professor looked straight into her eyes.  She waited for the reprimand that she knew she deserved. 

But instead of receiving a well-deserved admonishment from her former employer; Jen was surprised to see Professor Stephens’ eyes leave hers and then slowly scan downward. 


Jen didn’t move a muscle or say a word as his eyes lingered first on her now head-sized, gravity-defying breasts; and then on her flat abdomen; and then down, down, down her long, shapely, 36” legs. 

Jen suddenly realized that the professor had become like every other guy who had seen her new body recently. 

“He is actually checking me out!”  She chuckled to herself. 

Her apprehension instantly melted into self-satisfied pleasure.  For a moment, Jen wondered if she should turn around in order to give the professor a view of her new, shapely, pert butt.  But she decided not to risk it.

Jen remained stock still until the professor’s eyes once again trained themselves onto hers.  His voice was a bit dry and cracked as he then politely inquired as to whether or not Jen might have been consuming some of his “shattered” growth formula.

“Maybe a little bit” she sheepishly replied with a guilty giggle and a nervous shift of her feet that caused her new breasts to bounce and wobble just enough to capture the professor’s attention.  Jen deduced that his momentary shift in gaze from her eyes to her bust must have been against his will because their abrupt return to her eyes was accompanied by an almost apologetic expression. 


After a few moments of mutual motionlessness silence; Jen again began to worry that she may still be in for a scolding.  But then the professor cracked a nervous smile and said that he could not decide whether he should report Jen, offer to rehire her, or ask her on a date.


Her preference became obvious when she slipped her hand into his and steered him toward the beach.  After a few blocks of walking hand-in-hand, he loosened his tie and calmly inquired as to whether or not Jen had any of the “shattered” formula left.  When she quietly shook her head he then sheepishly asked if she would like some more.

Whad'ya Think by Hunter-S-Creek
Whad'ya Think
“So, … what do you think?” Karen demanded of a flabbergasted Larry on the first day back from break.  

Karen had been dreaming about this moment for weeks.  
And, the moment did not disappoint.
Larry had always been one of the guys who teased Karen about her short, undeveloped, scrawny body and nerdiness.  But unlike most of the others: his teasing seemed to be mostly good-natured.
Larry was also the one who inadvertently gave Karen the idea that she should do something about her body … or, lack of same.
She took his facetious comment to heart when he had made the offhand remark to her before break that her schoolmates might stop teasing her if she would “… simply start puberty”.
At first Karen was crushed.  She had always secretly liked the cute, athletic Larry: despite his teasing.  
But then she actually gave his comment some consideration.  
Karen thought that if she did finally have a decent puberty, she might not get teased at school anymore.  And, she might not get teased and bullied by her brother who loved pointing out that he could easily see right over her head.  And, she might also get some positive attention from Larry.
However, coming from a family full of underdeveloped late-bloomers; Karen decided that her genes would most likely need some artificial if not drastic help.  
So Karen spent much of the school break feverishly working in her basement laboratory to find a way to give Nature a much needed boost.  
Eventually Karen hit upon a combination of synthetic hormones, vitamins, and other supplements.
The formula tasted horrible.  But after only a couple of days of dosing herself, she finally could see some results.
Not long after that Karen had sprouted several inches and had busted out of her training bra.
After another several days Karen finally measured taller than five-feet and had grown out of her first real bra.
And, so, thrilled with her success; Karen continued to dose and grow and dose and grow.
From the outset, being the nerd that she was, she decided to chart her progress.  She also realized from early-on that it did not matter whether she drank two-ounces or twenty-ounces of her formula in a given day: she would only grow about an inch during that day.  And, the inch of growth seemed to be fairly evenly spread-out over the course of the day.
Karen loved growing but she also realized that she would have to decide on an endpoint.  She certainly did not want to be teased or shunned for overdoing a good thing and becoming a giant freak!  
Then Karen recalled that she had once heard Larry mention that he was exactly “six-feet tall”.  
“I know” she thought. “I’ll keep myself growing until I’m just a little taller than Larry.  That should finally get his attention!  And, stop his teasing me about being short!” she giggled to herself.  
So, Karen decided that she would continue dosing herself only until she grew to 6’ 1”.
Of course at that time she hadn’t really considered the fact that her once nonexistent breasts were already beginning to overflow her new D-cup bra; and, that they were also still growing bigger with each dose.  Although she was unaware of it, her increasing height and ballooning bust were attracting the attention of some of the neighbor guys.
Meanwhile, as a side benefit, Karen’s daily growth absolutely got the attention of her 5’ 4” “big” brother.  He found it much more problematic to pester, bully, and tease his “little brat” sister as over the course of a few weeks he observed, horrified, that she had quickly sprouted up to equal and then exceed his height: and then continue to grow even bigger!
And, she also got the attention of her Mom who found that she was shopping for clothes and a new, bigger bra for Karen every few days.  
And, also the attention of her 5’ 6” Dad: especially on the morning when he first had to look up into the eyes of his “little princess”.  
Karen began to feel a bit discomfited as over the next several days she began to tower over her Dad.  She had always looked up to him: in every sense of the phrase.  For his part, her Dad remained very proud and supportive of his “little princess” even when the top of his head eventually only came up to her mouth.
In contrast, Karen loved flaunting her ever increasing height advantage over her “big” brother.  She relished the thought that every day he seemed smaller and smaller to her.  It was not long before she could easily see over the top of his head: and tease him about it – this particular payback was sweet!  And, of course, it was not long after that that the top of his head barely reached his little sister’s chin with his eyes not far above her impressively inflated bust.

Today -- seeing the look on Larry’s face as he stared at her long, shapely legs and then at her magnificently generous, gravity-defying bust, and then finally up and up into her eyes – Karen began to feel conflicting feelings of excitement and self-consciousness.  
“Is he repulsed by me?” she thought.
That was because she suddenly realized that Larry must have been exaggerating about being “exactly six-feet tall”: because she now stood a good few inches taller than him.  She felt an increasing anxiety that she may have overdone it and that Larry might feel that Karen was now too big to be attractive.  But she also felt exhilarated by the feeling that she now had to look down into his eyes.
But just then the dumbstruck Larry unexpectedly settled himself into a very busty embrace and emitted a sigh of ecstasy.  After a moment or two, the taken aback Karen cautiously placed her arms around Larry.  
After a few moments hugging like this, Karen judged that Larry certainly did not seem put-off by her new dimensions: actually, quite the opposite.  Perhaps Larry was one of those guys that she had heard about who truly adored women who were taller and bigger than them.  And, perhaps, given the rush that she was feeling, she was one of those women who loved being taller and bigger than their guy.
“Well, if that’s really the case” she mused, “then maybe I should increase Larry’s appreciation for me even more …”  
And she then imagined herself making more formula and then standing and hugging a spellbound Larry: with Larry being only tall enough for his face to align perfectly into her cleavage.  But then Karen had a brief flash of another mind’s eye scene – Larry was ecstatic as his upturned face fit neatly beneath her under-cleavage.  Then another scenario flashed into her imagination -- her brother was standing apprehensively in front of her and looking waaaaayyyy up into her eyes.  His head was only as tall as her perfect butt.  
“… or, perhaps, quite a bit more!” she chuckled to herself.
Be Honest by Hunter-S-Creek
Be Honest
Ellen was both excited and nervous as she climbed up out of her basement lab and approached her older brother Derek from behind as he stood searching for something in the kitchen cupboard.  In response to her tap on his shoulder he spun around and became instantly agog as his eyes were met with the largest pair of breasts that he had ever seen.

Ellen did not skip a beat.

"I need your opinion and I need you to be completely honest with me, big brother" she coyly informed him as she looked down into her brother’s eyes for the first time in her life.  "Do you think that I should drink some more of my growth formula?  Or, do you think that maybe it's made me grow big enough already?"

Considering that only an hour ago his scrawny, bratty, little sister had been head and shoulders shorter than him AND completely flat-chested; no one could fault Derek for only managing a faint squeak in response.


Hunter S. Creek
United States


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