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HSC PoolParty by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC PoolParty



I was so angry when I first noticed that my baby sister came out of the house to crash my backyard pool party!

Mom had agreed to leaving the house for the afternoon and she also made my little sister promise to stay out of my way and out of the yard.
I had spent all summer planning this party. 
This was going to be my big chance to break out of the Nerd Clique and into the Mainstream at school.
For the first hour or so everything about the party was going great.

 Everyone was even listening to me tell a joke ...

... that is until my short, scrawny, even-dorkier-than-me, baby sister had to almost ruin everything for me!

How’d she manage that you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you how!

She ruined my party for me in four easy steps—all four of which were of course unknown to me until it was too late!First, she finally perfected her new, homemade hormone formula down in her basement lab on the same day as my party.
And, second, because she decided to test the formula on her scrawny, dorky, little-self on the same afternoon as my big party.
And, third, my little sister significantly underestimated the potency of her formula.
And, lastly, my baby sister’s formula made her grow so tall and so busty so fast that in only a matter of minutes there were no clothes in her closet or Mom’s that she could wear—so now my not-so-little, little sister had to carefully squeeze her new self into Mom’s biggest bikini top and pray that it would hold.

Naturally, since my baby sister now found herself standing at about six-feet tall with long, shapely legs, and breasts bigger than her head – which were also stuffed into a bikini; and since there was a pool party going on in the backyard with lots of her older brother’s friends; she would naturally decide to take her new body for a spin in front of an audience.

I almost didn't notice the little brat come into the yard.

She didn't say a word.
She simply walked onto the patio and headed toward the pool.
I only noticed her because I had turned around to see why everyone else at the party had suddenly gone mute.
I could only stand by the cooler and steam as every single one of my guests ignored me in the middle of telling my joke and instead gawked at my little bratty sister as her newly created, and ridiculously ballooned, breasts rhythmically bounced and jiggled their way toward the pool.
Fortunately she was quickly out of my sight thanks to the fact that she covered the distance from patio to pool with far fewer steps than she normally would now that she was striding atop her newly grown 38-inch-inseam legs.
Moments after her dive and splash I was left alone as everyone else raced into the pool to join her.
I remained a good host, however, serving my guests from poolside alone ...

... that is until my little sister came to the ladder, looked around and saw how everyone was looking at her and ignoring me.  She then looked at me and her look of satisfaction morphed to one of concern.  She apparently noticed how low I must have looked. 

My little sister then did something that I certainly did not expect. 

She winked at me, climbed up and out of the pool, wiggled her new perfect butt (while commanding the agog stares of all of my guests), and then dutifully helped me attend to my guests.
She tirelessly served sodas and food to everyone.
She chatted-me-up to everyone: especially the girls
All in all my baby sister managed the almost impossible all by herself -- she earned me untold billions of Cool Points.

So, despite what I feared was to be a painful disaster, the party turned out to be almost as big a hit as my dorky little sister’s brand new, six-feet tall, leggy, impressively busty, supermodel body.

HSC TooFast by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC TooFast

I had not see my friend's youngest sister since last summer. 
I used to babysit for her. 
Now, as we waited for her to play her newest clarinet piece; I could not help but wonder if she might be growing-up a bit too fast ... and, ... gulp ... and also ... much ... too big!
HSC E=mc2 by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC E=mc2



One fine June day short, scrawny, nerdy Patricia became aware that her chest was no longer perfectly flat.  To her embarrassment; Patricia’s equally short, scrawny, and nerdy best friend Seymour noticed, too.

But Patricia was realistic and was not expecting much more since all of the women in her family were flat-chested. 

However, Patricia’s little breasts continued to blossom over the next couple of weeks and soon she noticed that her T-shirts were getting a bit “bumpy”.  She also noticed that she did not have to stand on tip-toe to reach some things.  Patricia was pleased and grateful but, nevertheless, was not expecting any additional improvement to her still petite and minimal figure.

But, Patricia continued to grow.  After only a few more weeks her steadily burgeoning breasts began to distort those same T-shirts: and, Patricia became cautiously hopeful that she might actually develop a bit of a figure.  It was about this time, too, that Patricia and Seymour noticed that he only came up to Patricia’s nose.

And, Patricia continued to sprout.  By the time Patricia returned to school she noticed that her bust was at least the same size as the busts of some of the girls that had called her “Flatty Patty” as recently as last spring.  Patricia liked that she was no longer teased.  She felt “normal” and content: having caught-up to her classmates’ in height and development.  She thought that she would be perfectly happy if her unexpected and generous growth spurt had stopped right here.

But it did not.  That first week back she also noticed that Seymour and the other guys in her Science Club started acting a bit flustered around her.  Patricia also began to notice that the guys sometimes were staring at her. 

And, she continued to grow even bigger.  Soon Patricia noticed that her height and ballooning breasts were rivaling and surpassing those of most of the upper-class girls.  It was at this point that Patricia began to notice that even non-nerdy guys would stare at her. 

Patricia began to fully appreciate and take advantage of the big changes that her unexpected and impressive four-month surge in hormones had provided to her, and, was obviously still providing.  For the first time in her life she began to pay attention to what she wore.  Since her parents were now buying her clothes on an almost weekly basis to keep up with her growth; she began to dress to flatter her long, shapely legs, perfect butt, and major-league bust.

And, Patricia grew even more.  Before long Patricia’s formerly bee-sting breasts had eclipsed those of even the most buxom cheerleader.  Judging by the attention that she was now receiving from guys that she had never seen before; word had obviously spread throughout the school and town that nerdy, little, Flatty-Patty was blossoming into a leggy, top-heavy hottie.   Patricia would now sometimes refer to herself as “Patty” as a private joke in reference to her former days as “Flatty Patty”.

And, she continued to grow.  Soon Patty never found herself without at least one male attendant at her side (and command) at school: or anywhere else for that matter.  She was receiving almost constant attention from guys.  She never wanted for transportation or for someone to carry her books or to buy her lunch or to ask her out. 

Patty was amazed and amused whenever she stopped to consider the huge changes that had occurred to her social life since last spring: merely because of the impressive transformation of her body.  Guys were distracted and mesmerized by it wherever she went.  She had watched more than one guy walk into a wall or a street lamp because they had been staring at her legs or her butt or her bust.  Patty actually giggled out-loud one day in class when she noticed that when she had arched her back and stretched her arms up, over her head as part of a yawn -- all of the guys, including the teacher, froze as they stared open-mouthed at Patty’s cartoonishly deformed shirt as it strained to contain her monstrous, bloated orbs.

Despite everything, Patty was still primarily interested in the attention of her best friend, Seymour.  Still short, scrawny, and nerdy; Seymour had become a bit withdrawn as Patty grew and her breasts and popularity continued to expand ever larger. 

Today Patricia had invited Seymour to her house to study.  She missed Seymour.  At about six-feet tall; Patty was now more than head-and-shoulders taller than Seymour.  She planned to make her real intentions for inviting Seymour to her room crystal clear.  First, before he arrived, she squashed herself into the E=mc2 T-shirt that Seymour had given to her for her birthday a few months ago.  Then, as soon as Seymour entered her room, she would embrace his face straight-ahead into her warm, firm, gravity-defying, head-sized breasts until he would agree to go on a real date with her.

HSC ClipBoard01 by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC ClipBoard01

Chikako was becoming a bit impatient.

"Now, please, sir, if you do not focus on the questions and do not stop stuttering; we will never get through this."

She was addressing the latest in what seemed like an endless line of agog male clients today.

It had never been like this before.  
Chikako had worked weekends as a mall Opinion Taker for over a year now. 
Invariably little Chikako would have to struggle to get any of the guys in the mall to take even a moment to answer her list of questions.

That is until yesterday when her lab partner tripped and accidentally toppled and spilled half of the chemistry department's cupboard onto her.

Within moments of the accident; Chikako had started to grow.
At first her growth was subtle and she did not even really notice anything until her well-worn shoes started to pinch her feet during her walk home from school.
However, by morning the diminutive, underdeveloped, nerdette had grown into a six-foot, overdeveloped babe.
HSC Pose by Hunter-S-Creek
HSC Pose


Recently Kimberly had taken to amusing herself with quick, sweater-stretching poses during boring classes -- just to see who would give her the best double-take or jaw-dropping stare.
Of course it had only been a recent development that Kimberly was able to stretch any of her school sweaters at all.

It was three months ago that Kimberly's nerdy friend and classmate, Walter, had begun to surreptitiously spike her daily lunch drink with his homemade growth hormone.
Since Walter's secret experiment began; twiggy little Kimberly has suddenly and rapidly grown from being the shortest, skinniest, nerdy-est, shiest, and most undeveloped girl in school to the cutest, tallest, and most overdeveloped girl in the district.


Parenthetically, but not coincidentally, Walter had asked Kimberly to the school’s Fall Ball the day before he covertly began treating her: she had breathlessly agreed to go with him.  The two have been close friends for years but neither had ever before had the courage to ask the other on a date. 


The other guys immediately started to tease Walter that Walter was stuck with the lowest girl on the school social totem pole as a dance partner.


Needless to say, that attitude has changed as the other guys have become increasingly jealous of Walter over the past many weeks while they have witnessed Kimberly’s impressive metamorphosis.  And, despite Kimberly’s growing popularity and newfound attention from all of the other guys; she has remained loyal to Walter.


Despite all that, however, today Walter decided that he will stop providing Kimberly with his hormone.


The reason is that, this morning, Walter’s calculations predicted that Kimberly’s growth rate has her right on target so that her new, huge, perky breasts will be at just the precise height and size to perfectly snuggle Walter’s head next Friday while they are out on the Fall Ball dance floor.



Hunter S. Creek
United States


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