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ComingInNicely by Hunter-S-Creek
Coming In Nicely

Rini permitted herself a smile between classes as she gazed upon her new, beautiful bust.  She found herself doing that more and more frequently: especially after she would catch a guy stealing glances at her.  Guys never used to pay her any attention.  But thanks to her best friend, Gilbert; that all changed.
It was after only ten doses of Gilbert’s homemade supplements that short, flat, scrawny, late-bloomer Rini had finally started to blossom.  

Although she was very pleased with the initial results: she was also a bit apprehensive.  
However, encouraged by their initial success, Gilbert urged Rini to continue the daily doses.  The three portions of Gilbert’s personality each had their reasons.  First, the budding scientist in Gilbert pressed Rini to continue in order to objectively analyze the supplements’ effects. Second, the best-friend facet of Gilbert nudged Rini to continue because he knew how self-conscious she was about being the only undeveloped girl in her class: and, his formula seemed to be resolving that.   And, finally, there was the portion of Gilbert who harbored a secret passion for breast expansion.  This third aspect of Gilbert absolutely loved the idea of witnessing a real-life example of breast expansion.
As we can see in this picture; Rini obviously did continue taking Gilbert’s supplement.  And, it was not long before her beginner blossoms began to balloon from imperceptible to impressive.  
Now she was beginning to wonder to herself, “How big is big-enough?”


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